20 Richest Nigerian Gospel Singers

Richest Nigerian Gospel Singers

Nigeria is home to many talented gospel singers who have not only impacted the christianity and gained fame for it but also made a lot of money from it. Some people always feel or think gospel singing is not profitable, hence discouraging prospective gospel artists. This assertion is untrue; though secular music pays more, gospel music … Read more

20 Famous Nigerian Gospel Singers

Famous Nigerian Gospel Singers

It’s no news that there are famous Nigerian Gospel Singers gracing the international stage and churches. The music industry is just so big and has lots of talents. In the last 5 years, it has witnessed massive growth and has birthed lots of talented singers and trendy gospel hits. These have put not just Nigeria … Read more

20 Most Famous Nigerian Pastors

Nigeria, being a major epicenter of the Christian religion, is blessed with Famous Nigerian Pastors who are not only influential and famous within the country but in Africa and beyond. Many of them became popular due to their pastoring prowess, teachings, miracles, healing, counseling, and deliverance. These anointed men of God control the biggest congregation and … Read more

20 Most Popular Churches in Nigeria

20 Popular Churches in Nigeria

Nigeria, being a very religious country with almost half of the country being Christian, is home to some of the biggest and several religious congregations in the world. Some of these denominations were founded by Nigerians, while others were founded by foreign missionaries. According to a recent statistic on the most prayerful countries in the … Read more

TOP 20 Richest Pastors in Nigeria in 2024: Church & Net Worth

Top 20 Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Most of the richest pastors in Nigeria are known internationally. Their megachurches have a widespread following across the globe, and these pastors possess lavish mansions, private jets, luxurious cars, and properties valued at millions of US dollars. The richest pastors in Nigeria and their net worth are highlighted below. Who is the richest pastor in … Read more