Femi Kuti Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Femi Kuti – Sorry Sorry

Stage Name: Femi Kuti
Real Name: Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti
Occupation: Musician
Date Of Birth/Age: 16th June, 1962 (62 years old)
State of Origin: Lagos State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Funke Kuti (Divorced)
Education: Baptist Academy and Igbobi College
Known for: Sorry Sorry

Early Life and Family Ties

Born on June 16, 1962, in London, Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti, widely known as Femi Kuti, is a Nigerian musician whose roots run deep in the rich tapestry of Afrobeat. His parents, Fela and Remilekun Ransome-Kuti, were prominent figures, and his grandmother, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, left an indelible mark as a political campaigner and women’s rights activist. Femi’s early years were spent in Lagos, where he grew up amidst the vibrant cultural backdrop of Nigeria. Following his parents’ separation, he chose to live with his father at the age of 15.

Musical Roots and Formation of Positive Force

Femi’s journey into the realm of music began at a young age. At 15, he picked up the saxophone, an instrument that would become an extension of his voice. Joining his father’s band, Egypt 80, Femi honed his musical skills while being immersed in the Afrobeat movement. In 1986, he took a bold step towards independence, forming his own band, Positive Force, signaling the emergence of an artist keen on carving his own path.

International Recognition and Collaborations

1988 marked a turning point for Femi when he gained international recognition. Invited by the French Cultural Centre in Lagos and Christian Mousset, he performed at the Festival d’Angoulême in France, the New Morning Club in Paris, and the Moers Festival in Germany. Femi’s foray into global stages showcased his distinct sound and set the stage for future collaborations. His 2001 album, “Fight to Win,” featured collaborations with influential US musicians like Common, Mos Def, and Jaguar Wright, solidifying his place on the world music stage.

The Voice of IF 99 and Criticism of Nigeria

Femi’s influence extended beyond conventional music platforms when he became the host of radio station IF 99 in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. True to the legacy of his father, Femi didn’t shy away from using his platform to critique societal issues in Nigeria. Songs like “Sorry Sorry,” “What Will Tomorrow Bring,” and “97” echoed his concerns about political corruption and societal challenges, showcasing his commitment to using music as a tool for change.

Grammy Nominations and Chocolate City Deal

Despite being nominated for a Grammy award four times in the world music category (2003, 2010, 2012, 2013), the elusive Grammy statuette has remained just out of reach for Femi. In 2014, a new chapter unfolded in his career with a management deal between Chocolate City Music Group and Femi Kuti. This collaboration marked a strategic move for Femi, aligning himself with a reputable music group.

Legacy+ Project and Family Collaboration

February 5, 2021, saw the release of the Legacy+ project, a collaboration between Femi Kuti and his son, Made Kuti. The two-album project, under Partisan Records, showcased Femi’s eleventh album, “Stop the Hate,” and Made’s debut album, “For(e)ward.” This family collaboration not only celebrated the passing of the musical torch but also demonstrated the harmonious blend of Femi’s seasoned expertise and Made’s fresh perspective.


Femi Kuti’s activism seamlessly intertwines with his music, a legacy inherited from his father, Fela Kuti. From his early days playing the saxophone and keyboard with his father’s band, Femi stepped into the spotlight, using his voice to address political corruption, poverty, and primitive living conditions in Nigeria’s oil-rich nation. His albums, notably “Africa for Africa,” spotlight the impact of bad governance on the African continent. Femi’s outspoken critiques of Nigerian politics have resonated with many, as he continues to advocate for positive change.

Before the 2011 elections in Nigeria, Femi reached out to the people, asserting that there was “no difference between the three candidates contesting for the presidential seat.” His message emphasized the prevalence of corruption and the dire conditions faced by the people. In the 2015 elections, he released a remix to the song “Politics Na Big Business,” featuring Tuface Idiibia and Sound Sultan, further echoing his critical stance on the political landscape. Femi Kuti’s song “Make We Remember” serves as a poignant call to remember the words of his father and other great black individuals who fought for Africa’s emancipation. Through his music, Femi continues to inspire, change, and motivate the people of Africa.

Live Performances and Guinness World Record

Femi Kuti’s influence extends beyond the studio, captivating audiences with electrifying live performances. Notable events include his performance at the BMO event in 2014, where he shared the stage with label mate M.I, and the 2 Kings concert in 2015, alongside his brother Seun Kuti. On May 15, 2017, Femi made history by setting a Guinness World Record, holding a single note on the saxophone for an astounding 51 minutes and 35 seconds. This accomplishment not only showcased his musical prowess but also underscored his commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


Femi Kuti’s discography spans several albums, each contributing to the rich tapestry of Afrobeat. From “Shoki Shoki” (1998) to “Africa for Africa” (2010/2011) and his latest release, “Stop the Hate” (2021), each album represents a chapter in Femi’s musical journey. Live albums like “Africa Shrine” (2004) capture the raw energy of Femi’s performances, allowing audiences to experience the magic of Afrobeat.

Awards and Recognitions

While Grammy victories have remained elusive, Femi Kuti’s six nominations in multiple categories (2002, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2022) highlight his enduring impact on the global music stage. In 2022, he and his son Made received dual Grammy nominations for Best Global Music Album and Best Global Music Performance. Beyond the Grammys, Femi Kuti was honored as a Chevalier des arts et des lettres by the French Ministry of Culture in Paris on October 20, 2022, acknowledging his significant contributions to the arts.

Wife and Kids

He got married to Funke Kuti but the couple are separated and remain friends. He is the father to five children – Made, Afolabi, Dupe, Tosin, and Ayomide. With paternity test revealing that two of them – Dupe and Tosin are not his children

Net Worth 

Beyond his artistic achievements and activism, Femi Kuti has found financial success, amassing an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024. This financial milestone adds another dimension to Femi’s multifaceted success, showcasing his impact on the music industry and his ability to navigate various avenues successfully. You can find him on Instagram.