Ada Jesus Biography: Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Ada Jesus – Comedy

Stage Name: Ada Jesus
Real Name: Mercy Mmesoma Obi Nnadi
Occupation: Comedian
Date Of Birth/Age: 19th April, 1998 – 21st April 2021
State of Origin: Imo State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Kingsley Nnadi (Husband)
Education: Imo State University
Known for: Comedy

Early Life and Education

Born on April 19, 1998, in Orlu, Imo, Nigeria, Mercy Mmesoma Obi Nnadi, affectionately known as Ada Jesus, spent her formative years in a modest yet culturally rich environment. Her journey into education led her to Imo State University, where she pursued her academic aspirations, graduating with commendable achievements.

Career Beginnings

Post-graduation marked the commencement of Ada Jesus’ venture into the world of modeling and acting. Casting her net wide, she attended auditions for movies and TV serials, seeking the perfect platform to showcase her talents. Before finding her footing in the entertainment industry, Ada Jesus worked as a dedicated housekeeper for a retired pilot. The twists and turns of life eventually led her to the spotlight, where she discovered her true calling as a stand-up comedian.

Rise to Fame

In 2018, Ada Jesus set the stage for her meteoric rise to fame by sharing her comedic genius through Instagram and Facebook. Her comedy skits, delivered in the rich tones of the Igbo language, resonated with a broad audience, rapidly establishing her as a household name. Through her performances at various events and shows, Ada Jesus carved a niche for herself, captivating hearts with her humor and charm.

Sickness and Triumphs

Tragedy struck in December 2020 when Ada Jesus received a diagnosis that would change the course of her life. Kidney disease left her paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair, and grappling with physical swelling, particularly in her face and stomach. Undeterred, she sought medical attention at New Hope Hospital in Onitsha, Anambra State. As her health deteriorated, Ada Jesus embarked on a journey seeking forgiveness from prominent figures, including Pastor Odumeje, Rita Edochie, and a native doctor, Chi Marine Temple.

Controversy and Redemption

Ada Jesus accused Pastor Odumeje and Rita Edochie of orchestrating fake miracles, unleashing a wave of controversy. Despite her pleas for forgiveness, Odumeje and Edochie initially refused, responding with curses and vehement denials. Chi Marine Temple, however, chose forgiveness, showcasing a rare act of compassion in the face of adversity. Human rights activist Harrison Gwamnishu played a pivotal role in relocating Ada Jesus to Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre in Abuja, where her health exhibited signs of improvement.

Husband and Kids

Ada Jesus, the third child in her family, entered a new chapter of her life on April 5, 2019, when she exchanged vows with Kingsley Nnadi. The union brought forth the joy of motherhood, as she welcomed a daughter into the world on December 6, 2019. Despite the challenges she faced, Ada Jesus found solace and love within the embrace of her family.


On April 20, 2021, tragedy struck once more when Ada Jesus suffered a cardiac arrest. Rushed to the intensive care unit of Zenith Medical & Kidney Centre, her life hung in the balance. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, she succumbed to the relentless grip of fate on the morning of April 21, 2021, at approximately 7:15 am.