Jahdiel Biography: Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Jahdiel – Gospel Artist

Stage Name: Jahdiel
Real Name: Grace Jahdiel Benjamin
Occupation: Gospel Artist 
Date Of Birth/Age: 11th November, 1986 (37 years old)
Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Emmanuel Benjamin (Husband)
Education: University of Lagos
Known for: Heritage

Meet Grace Jahdiel Benjamin, or simply “Jahdiel” – a talented Nigerian gospel artist born on November 11th, 1986, in Edo State. She’s not just a singer; she’s a songwriter and a voice that brings happiness.

Early Life and Education

Growing up, Grace loved music from a very young age. She started singing when she was only five years old. As she got older, she joined her church choir and learned to play the keyboard and guitar when she was thirteen. Her childhood was a mix of school and music, and she did really well in her studies. She went to Aunty Ayo International School for both primary and secondary education. Later, she went to the University of Lagos, where she earned a degree in Chemistry.


In 2006, Grace decided to take her love for music to a professional level. She released her first album, “Heritage,” in 2008. This was a big step that showed her passion for creating great music. Her songs were not only catchy but also carried messages of hope and love.

Grace’s music style is special because she mixes different types of music like rock and Afrocentric pop. Her songs are a blend of English and African sounds that everyone can enjoy.

Did you know that Jahdiel’s name, which means “God gives joy,” perfectly describes her personality? If you ever see her on social media, you’ll notice her joyful spirit shining through.

Here’s something amazing: one of Jahdiel’s songs, “Sweet Holy Spirit,” got recognized all around the world. It was streamed (listened to) 15,000 times, and she even received a certificate for it. That’s like getting a special award for making people happy with her music.

Husband and Kids

Eben Biography
Eben Family
Eben & Jahdiel Children

Jahdiel’s personal life is also full of interesting facts. She’s married to another famous gospel singer named Emmanuel Benjamin, who goes by the name Eben. They make beautiful music together and have three sons.


Grace’s musical journey found a home at Hammer House Records, a record label started by her husband Eben. This label became a place where she could share her music with the world.

Throughout her career, Jahdiel released three albums: “Heritage” in 2008, “Under Oath” in 2010, and “Majesty” in 2015. Each album tells a story about her growth as an artist and a person.

Grace Jahdiel Benjamin’s life is all about spreading happiness through her music. With her beautiful voice and inspiring songs, she has touched many hearts and shown that music can bring joy to people’s lives. You can connect with her on instagram.