Dunni Olanrewaju Biography: Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Dunni Olanrewaju – Gospel Artist

Stage Name: Opelope Anointing
Real Name: Dunni Olanrewaju
Occupation: Gospel Artist 
Date Of Birth/Age: 2nd December, 1960 (63 years old)
Place of Birth: Akinyele, Oyo State, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: N/A
Education: Ejigbo High School in Lagos State
Known for: Opelope Anointing

Dunni Olanrewaju, known by her stage name Opelope Anointing, is a well-known figure in Nigerian gospel music. Born on December 2, 1960, in Akinyele, Oyo State, Nigeria, she has become a respected gospel singer, songwriter, and televangelist. Her life story, filled with faith, commitment, and musical talent, has touched the hearts of people not just in Nigeria but around the world.

Early Life

Opelope Anointing comes from a deeply religious family—her parents, the late Isaiah and Deaconess Elizabeth Olaniyi, instilled strong faith in her. Growing up in this environment laid the groundwork for her spiritual journey. Even as a child, she showed a love for music and the gospel, setting the path for her future.

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Education and Musical Calling

Dunni’s educational journey started in the village of Sannu for primary education, then Elekuro Secondary Modern School in Ibadan, and later Ejigbo High School in Lagos State. However, her love for gospel music became the driving force in her life. She made a bold decision to leave formal education behind and follow her musical calling.

Dunni Olanrewaju Biography Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth
Dunni Olanrewaju

Music Career

Opelope Anointing, also known as Dunni Olanrewaju, has had a remarkable career filled with significant achievements. Her debut album, “Adun-Igbeyawo,” released in 1998, offered a glimpse of her musical and spiritual depth. However, it was the album “Opelope Anointing” that truly brought her into the spotlight. Remarkably, she composed and recorded this impactful piece in just one day, showcasing her extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication.

The album not only established her as an artist but also earned her a new title, reflecting the anointing grace present in her music. Throughout her career, she continued to produce soul-stirring albums. On October 26, 2014, she celebrated the launch of her 20th album, with esteemed Nigerian gospel singers such as Joseph Adebayo Adelakun, Tope Alabi, Bola Are, and Funmi Aragbaye attending, highlighting her influence in the gospel music community.

Opelope Anointing Foundation (OPAF)

Opelope Anointing’s impact goes beyond her musical contributions. In 2010, she founded the “Opelope Anointing Foundation (OPAF),” a charitable organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others. This initiative reflects her steadfast faith and a desire to impact her community and the world.

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Apart from her professional achievements, Dunni Olanrewaju has experienced personal joys. In May 2013, her daughter Ibironke’s wedding to Olawunmi took place in Isolo, Lagos State. The celebration was attended by distinguished guests, including fellow gospel luminaries Bola Are, Funmi Aragbaye, and Mega 99, adding their voices to the joyous occasion.

Net Worth

Her networth is currently unknown at the time of this publication. You can connect with her on Instagram.