Bola Are Biography: Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Bola Are – Gospel Artist

Stage Name: Bola Are
Real Name: Bola Are (Late.)
Occupation: Gospel Artist 
Date Of Birth/Age: 1st October, 1954 – 10th December, 2020
Place of Birth: Ekiti-West local government of Ekiti State, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Late Pastor J.O. Are (Husband)
Education: The Polytechnic, Ibadan
Known for: Baba Kuse

Bola Are is a well-respected person in the world of gospel music. She was born on October 1, 1954, in Erio, a town in the Ekiti-West local government of Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria. Her parents, Elder Babayomi and Mrs. T. A. Babayomi, are from Erio, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Bola Are was nurtured under the guidance of four significant prophets in the Christ Apostolic Church: Apostle Ayodele Babalola, Prophet Babajide, Prophet Akande, and Prophet T.O. Obadare. Growing up, she spent a considerable amount of time on the mountain, drawing inspiration from the Holy Spirit.


Bola Are started her primary education at Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Primary School in her hometown. For her secondary education, she attended Christ Apostolic Church Grammar School in Efon Alaye, Ekiti State. Later, she pursued further education at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, where she earned a diploma certificate in accounting. In July 1985, she received an honorary doctorate degree in Music from St. John’s University.

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Becoming Famous

In the 1970s, Bola Are became well-known when she joined the “Egba Gospel Singers.” Being part of this group helped her improve her musical skills and share her voice with a larger audience. Her emotional performances, filled with a deep spiritual connection, gained her recognition beyond Nigeria.

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Unique Music Style

In the early 1980s, Bola Are started her solo career by releasing her first album, “Baba Kuse.” This was the beginning of many albums that featured her special style—mixing traditional Yoruba folk music with modern gospel tunes. Her ability to combine cultural elements with spiritual messages touched people of all backgrounds and created a lasting legacy.

Bola Are
Bola Are

Global Impact and Helping Others

Bola Are’s music reached people worldwide. She toured and performed in different countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and various African nations. Through her music, she shared her strong faith and inspired many to find comfort and hope in their relationship with God. Besides her music, Bola Are also helped others through charity work, especially in education and healthcare for underserved communities.

Legacy Continues

As time passed, her influence on Nigerian gospel music remained strong. Her songs continued to be popular choices for worship, and she inspired a new generation of gospel artists to mix tradition with innovation.

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Awards and Recognition

She received many awards for her contributions to gospel music. People celebrated her for preserving cultural heritage while spreading the message of Christianity. Her humility, grace, and unwavering commitment to her faith set an example for many.


In 1977, Bola Are married the late Pastor J.O. Are, and together, they were blessed with children. Her children have followed in their parents’ footsteps and are talented singers and musicians.

Bola Are Net Worth

At the time of this publication, her net worth is unknown.

Enduring Impact

Although Bola Are passed away on December 10, 2020, her voice and impact live on through her music and the lives she touched. Her songs are still sung in churches, homes, and gatherings, showing the lasting power of her message. Discover more details about her life here.