Maurice Sam Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Maurice Sam – Hustle

Stage Name: Maurice Sam
Real Name: Maurice Ubonifiok Effiong Sam
Occupation: Actor, Model, DJ, Host
Date Of Birth/Age: 12th March, 1990 (34 years old)
State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Not Married
Education: University of Lagos
Known for: Hustle

Early Life & Education

Maurice Ubonifiok Effiong Sam, popularly known as Maurice Sam, entered the world on March 12, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria. Born into a culturally rich background, he hails from Akwa Ibom State, infusing diversity into his identity. Growing up in Lagos, Maurice navigated through his formative years, absorbing the vibrant culture of the city. He received his primary, secondary, and tertiary education within Lagos. He studied Mass Communication. Career in University of Lagos.

Versatility and Early Aspirations

From an early age, Maurice Sam showcased a multifaceted personality. His journey into the entertainment industry began as a spark of creativity ignited within him. His diverse talents emerged, shaping him into not just an actor but also a model, DJ, and TV host. Even in his youth, Maurice exhibited a penchant for the limelight, setting the stage for a career that would later catapult him into stardom.

Emergence in Nollywood

Maurice Sam’s foray into the world of Nollywood, Nigeria’s vibrant film industry, marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. Despite being a relative newcomer, his rapid ascent was propelled by an amalgamation of striking physicality, acting prowess, and an undeniable charisma. Referred to as the “Nollywood favorite,” Maurice surpassed seasoned actors, including the likes of Zubby Micheal and Frederick Leonard, in terms of appearances in YouTube movies.

His breakthrough moment came with the portrayal of the character Acid in the Africa Magic Comedy TV series, “Hustle.” This role not only showcased his acting versatility but also thrust him into the limelight, earning him widespread recognition. In a short span, Maurice Sam became a prominent figure in Nollywood, particularly on YouTube, where his exceptional performances garnered acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Rising Star and Industry Impact

Maurice’s career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Known for his roles in romantic movies, he continuously refines his craft, expanding his popularity as audiences appreciate his acting prowess. Today, he stands as a household name and a formidable presence in the industry. Despite being relatively reserved in media interactions, the demand for his talent is undeniable. Producers and directors recognize the allure of Maurice Sam and eagerly cast him in their productions.

As one of the highest-paid young actors in Nollywood, Maurice has become a sought-after talent, celebrated for his exceptional skills and contributions to the industry. His journey from a newcomer to an influential figure is a testament to his dedication, talent, and the indelible mark he has made in the competitive world of Nigerian cinema.

Maurice Sam Biography Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth
Maurice Sam Biography Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth


Maurice Sam did an outstanding job in the role of Acid, which is something many of his fans still talk about because he played it so well. Apart from that, he has been in other movies like The Big Fat Lie, Blood Sisters, Team Six, Just Us, Breaking Point, Pretty Liar, Boss Chic, A Heart to Love, and more.

Wife and Kids

Maurice Sam’s female fans often wonder about his relationship status, asking if he’s married or has a girlfriend. Rumors circulated about him dating actresses like Pearl Watts and Sunshine Rosman, but the most believable one suggested he was married to Sonia Uche. Maurice clarified in a video that Sonia is just a good friend, but fans found it hard to believe. Despite videos hinting at a secret wife, there’s no verified source, and it might be just gossip. Maurice keeps his personal life private, and although many wish for him to stay single, he hasn’t confirmed having a girlfriend. For now, the handsome actor remains focused on his career, keeping fans guessing about his love life. So we can conclude that he is unmarried and has no kids.

Net Worth

Despite his celebrity status, Maurice Sam maintains a discreet demeanor, choosing not to flaunt his assets on the internet. While occasional photos and videos offer glimpses into his life, he guards his privacy with a discerning eye.

With a substantial following on YouTube, boasting over 50,000 subscribers, Maurice generates a significant income through the platform. Although his net worth is estimated at $250,000, the figure is likely a conservative estimate, considering his increasing popularity and high demand in the film industry. His monthly earnings from movie endeavors are reported to be in the millions, solidifying his status as a lucrative and influential force in Nollywood. You can connect with him on Instagram.