Tuoyo Ideh Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Tuoyo Ideh – Big Brother Naija Season 4, 2019

Stage Name: Tuoyo Ideh
Real Name: Tuoyo Ideh
Occupation: Reality TV
Date Of Birth/Age: 20th July 1995 (29 years old)
State of Origin: Delta State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Not Married
Known for: Big Brother Naija Season 4

Early Life

Tuoyo Ideh was born on July 20, 1995, in Delta State, Nigeria, to a family with roots in both Delta and Edo States. Growing up in a loving and supportive household, Tuoyo was encouraged to pursue his passions and interests from a young age. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ideh, were entrepreneurs who instilled in him the value of hard work and determination. Tuoyo’s early life was marked by a passion for fitness and self-improvement, which would later become a defining aspect of his career.


Tuoyo attended primary and secondary school in Delta State, where he excelled academically and developed a strong foundation in science and mathematics. He was an active member of his school’s sports team and debate club, which helped him develop his communication and leadership skills. After completing his secondary education, Tuoyo moved to Lagos to pursue higher education. He enrolled in a prestigious university, where he studied psychology and graduated with honors.


Tuoyo Ideh is a multi-talented individual with a career spanning across various fields. He is a trained psychotherapist, fitness coach, and part-time stripper. His work as a psychotherapist has equipped him with the skills to understand human behavior, which he believes will help him navigate complex social situations. As a fitness coach, Tuoyo has helped numerous clients achieve their health and wellness goals. His passion for fitness and self-improvement has also led him to become a part-time stripper, where he showcases his physical prowess and charisma.

Big Brother Naija

In 2019, Tuoyo auditioned for Big Brother Naija Season 4 and was selected as one of the housemates alongside Tasha, Seyi Awolowo. He was 23 years old at the time and was determined to make a name for himself on the show. As a psychotherapist, Tuoyo believed his understanding of human behavior would give him an edge in the house. He was confident in his ability to form strong relationships and navigate conflicts. Unfortunately, he was evicted from the house, finishing in 22nd place.

Personal Life – Wife and Kids

Tuoyo’s personal life is hidden from the public. He is a self-proclaimed bookworm and movie enthusiast. He enjoys reading books on psychology, philosophy, and self-improvement. His favorite authors include Tony Robbins and Bren√© Brown. Tuoyo is also a movie buff and enjoys watching films that explore complex human emotions and relationships. His favorite movies include “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Despite being single, Tuoyo loves cuddling and values physical affection. He believes that physical touch is an essential aspect of human connection and relationships.


Tuoyo’s motivation for participating in Big Brother Naija was to make a name for himself and secure a better future. He had previously faced disappointment when he was not shortlisted for an important Navy and Airforce entrance examination, leaving him uncertain about his future. Big Brother Naija provided him with another opportunity to make his dreams come true. Tuoyo believed that the show would offer him a platform to showcase his personality, talent, and charisma, which would open doors to new opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Post-Big Brother Naija

After his eviction from Big Brother Naija, Tuoyo returned to his career as a psychotherapist and fitness coach. He continued to work with clients and help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Tuoyo also pursued his passion for acting and modeling, landing roles in several TV shows and commercials. In 2022, he was featured in a popular Nigerian movie, “The Men’s Club,” where he played a supporting role.

Social Media and Influencer Work

Tuoyo is active on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. He has a large following and uses his platforms to promote his work, share his thoughts on mental health and wellness, and connect with his fans. Tuoyo has collaborated with several brands as an influencer, promoting their products and services to his audience. He has worked with popular brands such as Nike and Adidas, promoting their fitness and wellness products.