Wole Oni Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Wole Oni – Gospel Singer

Stage Name: Wole Oni
Real Name: Irewole Samuel Oni
Occupation: Gospel Artist
Date Of Birth/Age: 22nd March, 1974 (49 years)
Place of Birth: Lagos StateAkure, Ondo State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Adebola Oni (Wife)
Education: University of Lagos
Known for: Igwe

Early Life and Education

Irewole Samuel Oni, renowned as Wole Oni, was born on the 22nd of March, 1974 in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. A graduate of Computer Science from the University of Lagos, Wole Oni’s journey into the world of music and production is a testament to his diverse talents and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Music Career

Wole Oni’s musical odyssey began at the age of seven when he started playing the bass guitar. Later, he transitioned to playing the keyboard and became a proficient organist in his father’s church in Akure, Ondo State. His love for music led him to establish himself as a force in the Nigerian music industry.

As a jazz artist and a versatile multi-instrumentalist, Wole Oni has graced numerous Jazz and Rock concerts in various parts of the world, including the UAE, USA, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Notable Productions

Wole Oni’s production prowess is evident in his contribution to several hit songs. He is the brains behind notable tracks such as “Igwe” by the Midnight Crew, “Kosobabire” by Folake Umosen, “Ijoba Orun,” “Kolebaje,” and “Halleluyah” by Lara George, among many others. His fingerprint in the gospel music scene is undeniable, and his extensive portfolio includes over 7,000 songs produced within Nigeria and internationally.


Wole Oni wears multiple hats as the CEO of Instinct Productions and Wole Oni Music Productions (WOMP). His entrepreneurial spirit has not only contributed to his personal success but has also played a vital role in shaping the landscape of the Nigerian music industry.

Global Recognition

Wole Oni’s impact extends beyond borders, and he has performed at high-profile events, including the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit attended by Queen Elizabeth.

Awards and Honors

Over the years, Wole Oni has amassed a collection of awards that reflects his excellence in music production. Notable among these awards are the AGMA UK Award for the Best Producer in Africa in 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well as the Kora Award in 2004. His dedication to musical excellence has also earned him recognition at the National Gospel Awards and other prestigious platforms.

Philanthropy and Recognition

Wole Oni’s influence goes beyond music; he serves as a United Nations International Ambassador for Peace. His commitment to promoting peace and unity through his craft aligns with his role as a global ambassador.

Legacy and Impact

Wole legacy is not only defined by his musical achievements but also by his commitment to giving back. His first single, “Cover Me Lord,” serves as a testament to the source of his success—God. Through his music, Wole Oni continues to impact lives, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian and international music scenes.

Wife and Kids

He is married to Adebola Oni.

Net Worth

At the time of this publication, his net worth is unknown. You can connect with him on Instagram.