Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Apostle Johnson Suleman – Omega Fire Ministries International

Stage Name: Apostle Johnson Suleman
Real Name: Johnson Suleman
Occupation: Pastor
Date Of Birth/Age: 24 March 1971 (52 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Lizzy Johnson Suleman (Wife)
Education: International School of Ministry in Lagos, Nigeria
Known for: Omega Fire Ministries International

Apostle Johnson Suleman is a renowned Nigerian Christian minister, televangelist, philanthropist, and the senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International, a fast-growing Pentecostal church with a global reach. Born on March 24, 1971, in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria, his life journey has been marked by unwavering faith, dedication to God’s work, and a passion for transforming lives.

Early Life and Call to Ministry

As a young child, Johnson Suleman exhibited a deep interest in spirituality and showed remarkable knowledge of the Bible from an early age. His parents noticed his unique spiritual gifts and encouraged him to pursue a life of service to God. In his formative years, he faced several challenges and setbacks but remained steadfast in his faith.

Education and Ministerial Training

Apostle Suleman pursued higher education to equip himself for the ministry. He attended the International School of Ministry in Lagos, Nigeria, where he studied theology and gained valuable insights into biblical teachings. This training helped lay a strong foundation for his future ministry endeavors.

Establishing Omega Fire Ministries

In 2004, at the age of 33, Apostle Suleman founded Omega Fire Ministries with a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, promote prayer, and empower believers to lead victorious lives. The church’s early days were humble, meeting in small gatherings, but it quickly gained momentum and attracted a considerable following due to Suleman’s dynamic preaching style and profound prophetic insights.

Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman

Global Impact and Outreach

As his ministry expanded, Apostle Suleman’s reach extended beyond Nigeria’s borders. He began holding international crusades and conferences, drawing multitudes of people seeking spiritual revival and healing. Through his global travels and television broadcasts, he has reached millions with the message of hope and salvation.

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Prophetic Ministry

Apostle Suleman is widely known for his prophetic ministry, where he delivers messages of divine revelation and foresight. Many believers attribute miraculous healings, breakthroughs, and life-transforming experiences to his prayers and prophecies. However, critics have questioned some of his prophecies, leading to mixed reactions within and outside Christian circles.

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Work

Beyond preaching, Apostle Suleman is actively involved in charitable and humanitarian activities. His ministry has undertaken various initiatives to support orphanages, schools, widows, and those in need. He has consistently emphasized the importance of giving back to society and has inspired many of his followers to engage in acts of kindness.

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Controversies and Challenges

Like many prominent religious figures, Apostle Suleman has faced controversies and challenges in his journey. Some of his statements and actions have been met with criticism and scrutiny from the media and the public. However, he has remained resilient and focused on his calling, continuing to serve God and fulfill his ministry’s mission.

Wife and Children

Apostle Johnson Suleman and wife
Apostle Johnson Suleman and wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman is married to his wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman. Lizzy is known for her support and dedication to her husband’s ministry and plays a significant role in the affairs of Omega Fire Ministries. She is often seen accompanying her husband during his travels and ministry events. As the wife of a prominent evangelist and pastor, Lizzy is involved in various aspects of the church, including women’s ministry, counseling, and charity work.

Regarding their children, Apostle Johnson Suleman and his wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman, are blessed with six children. They are known for valuing their family life, and Apostle Suleman has been open about the importance of family and parenting in his teachings.

Their names are:

  1. Godsfavour Johnson Suleman
  2. Divine Johnson Suleman
  3. Love Johnson Suleman
  4. Mirabel Johnson Suleman
  5. Ebenezer Johnson Suleman
  6. Excel Johnson Suleman
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Johnson Suleman Net Worth

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the prominent Nigerian pastor and televangelist, has accumulated significant wealth throughout his career. His estimated net worth is reported to be over $10.5 million, which is equivalent to approximately ₦4.8 billion in Nigerian Naira. This substantial wealth places him among the ranks of the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria.