Benjamin Lugo Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Benjamin Lugo-Lagos Cougars

Stage Name: Benjamin Lugo
Real Name: Benjamin Abba Nnayelugo Touitou
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: 22nd, January, 1988 (36 years old)
State of Origin: Enugu State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Not Married
Education: Babcock University
Known for: Lagos Cougars

Early Life and Education

Born on January 22, 1988, in Enugu State, Nigeria, Benjamin Lugo or Ben Touitou, whose real name is Benjamin Abba Nnayelugo Touitou, is a multi-talented personality known for his exceptional acting skills, charisma, and charming appearance. His father, a Jewish engineer and architect, passed away in 2012, while his mother, a professor at Babcock University, is alive. Growing up in Enugu, Ben completed his primary and secondary education in the state before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Valley View University.

Discovering the Passion for Acting

Ben’s journey into the world of acting began unexpectedly. Initially a model, he was introduced to acting by an agent who recognized his potential. Despite his initial lack of interest, he auditioned for a role and caught the attention of filmmaker Uduak Isong. This led to his first major role in the 2012 movie “Lagos Cougars,” directed by Emem Isong. Ben’s performance was outstanding, marking the beginning of his successful acting career.

Benjamin Lugo
Benjamin Lugo

Career Highlights

Since his debut, Ben has become a prominent figure in Nollywood, particularly in the realm of romantic movies. His dedication to portraying challenging and unique characters has earned him a spot among the trending actors on platforms like YouTube. Notable films include “Bad Comment,” “Kamsi,” “Before Valentine’s,” “The Kujus Again,” “Lock Down,” “The Mystic River,” “Merry Men 2,” “The Pride Of Oyim,” “Blue,” “Wrong Attachment,” and many more. His movies consistently garner millions of views shortly after release.

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Acting Philosophy and Recognition

Ben views acting as a combination of deep psychology, science, art, and business. Emphasizing the importance of understanding the business side of acting, he believes that talent alone is insufficient for success. In an industry where he has been consistent, Ben stands out for his professionalism, having learned from veteran actors and actresses. His role as “Nasir” in MTV Shuga showcased his versatility, portraying an architect dealing with past relationship challenges.

In 2023, Ben received the Best Actor award at the Toronto International Nollywood Festival and the African Magic Viewers Choice Award, solidifying his impact on the industry.

Beyond Acting: Tech Enthusiast and Filmmaker Aspirations

Aside from acting, Ben is a tech enthusiast and an IT expert. His proficiency in computer science extends to building applications, games, systems, and software. Despite his success in acting, he envisions venturing into filmmaking, aiming to tell timeless Nigerian stories and become a showrunner in the industry.

Wife and Kids

While Ben is currently single, he expressed a desire to settle down, raise a family, and pursue filmmaking as part of his future goals. Acting, being time-consuming, hasn’t deterred him from aspiring to achieve his ambitions promptly. Understanding the financial dynamics of the industry, he emphasizes the importance of having multiple streams of income for true wealth.

Cultural Background and Languages

Ben’s cultural heritage is diverse, reflecting his Jewish-Israeli and Nigerian roots. Fluent in both Jewish and Igbo languages, he appreciates the richness of Igbo history and culture. He navigates the complexities of identity, being both Jewish and Christian Igbo, with honor and a commitment to principles instilled by his late father.

Family Ties and Fond Memories

Ben treasures his family, especially his mother, whose initial reservations about his acting career transformed into support and pride. He shared a touching throwback photo with his late father, expressing love and admiration for his mother’s depth and soul. Despite any disagreements, he remains her defender and fighter.

Net Worth

Living in a comfortable apartment in Lagos and driving luxurious cars, Ben Touitou’s net worth is estimated at $300,000. His success as a sought-after actor, model, IT expert, and brand influencer contributes to his financial prosperity. You can connect with him on Instagram.