Wahala Twins Biography, Age, Career & Net Worth

Wahala Twins-Beans and Bread

Stage Name: Wahala Twins
Real Name: Maxwell (Beans) and Maxson (Bread)
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: 22nd March, 2005 (19 years old)
State of Origin: Bayelsa State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Not Married
Education: Secondary School
Known for: Beans and Bread

Early Years

Born on March 22, 2005, in Biogbolo Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, the Okoli twins; (Maxwell (Beans) and Maxson (Bread), professionally known as Wahala Twins, emerged into the world as a dynamic comedy duo. The twins, affectionately referred to individually as Beans and Bread, quickly became synonymous with laughter, charm, and a distinctive brand of humor that set them apart in the world of entertainment.

The Identical Duo: Beans and Bread

Wahala Twins, collectively known as Beans and Bread, stand out as funny twin midgets content creators, gaining popularity for their comedic prowess and acting talent. The identical twins share an uncanny resemblance, making it challenging for fans to distinguish one from the other. With a height of 2 feet 4 inches and a weight of around 60kg each, the duo embraces their small stature as an integral part of their comedic identity.

Family Ties: Parents and Upbringing

Despite their rise to fame, there is limited information available about the parents of Wahala Twins. In one of their rare glimpses into their personal lives, they introduced their parents to the camera without disclosing their names. The twins seem to value their privacy, keeping their family life relatively low-key.

Comedy Breakthrough

Wahala Twins began their journey into the world of content creation in 2021, sharing comedic skits on various social media platforms. Initially, they operated in relative obscurity. However, their big break came in 2022 when they crossed paths with renowned figures in the entertainment industry, including Brainjotter, Syd Iwundu, Ruby Ojiakor, and Tunde Ednut, among others. This encounter marked a turning point in their career, catapulting them into the limelight.

Under the management of Visco Entertainment, led by Victory Okoli, Wahala Twins flourished as a comedic duo. Their unique style and infectious humor garnered them a massive following, leading to millions of views, reposts, and lucrative deals. The twins also found themselves featured in several Nollywood movies, showcasing their versatility as actors.

Aiming High: Aki And Pawpaw Successors

As aspiring entertainers, Wahala Twins aspire to follow in the footsteps of veteran Nollywood actors Aki and Pawpaw (Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze). With over 20 years in the industry, Aki and Pawpaw have set a high standard, but the Wahala Twins believe they can offer a fresh perspective. Being actual twin brothers, they see themselves as the perfect successors, possessing both the genetic resemblance and entertaining qualities reminiscent of their mentors.

Despite their physical growth reaching a plateau, the twins view this as merely the beginning of their financial, career, and fame growth. Just like Aki and Pawpaw, the duo is affectionately nicknamed Beans and Bread, a playful nod to their comedic legacy.

Net Worth 

As of 2023, Beans and Bread, the Wahala Twins, boast an estimated net worth of around $30,000. This figure reflects their rapid ascent in the entertainment industry and hints at the promising future that lies ahead for the dynamic comedy duo. You can reach them on Instagram.