Jesimiel Damina Biography: Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Jesimiel Damina-Best Friends in The World

Stage Name: Jesimiel Damina
Real Name: Jesimiel Abel Damina
Occupation: Actor & Artist
Date Of Birth/Age: 5th October, 1997 (27 years old)
Place of Birth/State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State / Kaduna State
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Not Married
Education: Full Sail University
Known for: Best Friends in The World

Early Life and Family Background

Born in 1997 in the city of Lere/Saminaka, in Kaduna State, Nigeria, Jesimiel Damina is a versatile artist known for her skills in 3D animation, dancing, singing, and creative writing. She is the second child in a family of three, with siblings Jemima Damina and Jeiel Damina. Her parents, Pastor Abel Damina and Rachael Damina, provided a nurturing environment that fueled Jesimiel’s passion for the arts.

State of Origin and Language

Jesimiel’s roots trace back to Kaduna State, Nigeria. Specifically, her family hails from Lere Local Government Area near Saminaka. Growing up, Jesimiel was immersed in the cultural richness of her tribe, speaking the Lere language. Despite her Kaduna origins, the Damina family currently resides in Uyo, where Jesimiel was born and raised alongside her siblings.

Educational Journey: A Blend of Passion and Learning

Jesimiel Damina’s journey into the world of storytelling and cinema began with her childhood love for Disney animations. Fueled by this passion, she embarked on a formal education that would equip her with the skills to create captivating narratives. Initially, she set her sights on Mumbai to study screenwriting, but her educational path took a detour when she decided to enroll at Full Sail University in Florida.

This change in direction did not diminish Jesimiel’s dedication to her craft. Her educational pursuits provided her with a comprehensive understanding of screenwriting and animation. The exposure to different cultures and storytelling styles during her time in Mumbai and Florida broadened her perspective, contributing to her ability to create relatable stories for a global audience.

Passion for Advocacy: Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

Beyond her creative endeavors, Jesimiel Damina is currently engaged in an independent film project with a noble cause. She is using her skills as a filmmaker to raise awareness about sickle cell disease in Nigeria. This initiative showcases her commitment to utilizing her talents for social impact and addressing important health issues within her country.

The Creative Sphere: Writing and Music

Jesimiel’s creative portfolio extends beyond the realm of cinema. She finds joy in writing screenplays and serials, specializing in genres like romance, drama, and coming-of-age. This multifaceted talent demonstrates her ability to weave compelling narratives across different mediums.

In her leisure time, Jesimiel enjoys being on the road, either touring with her music band or exploring new destinations with her family. This blend of artistic expression and family bonding showcases the diverse facets of Jesimiel’s personality.

Personal Life: Relationships and Family Ties

Jesimiel Damina maintains a private stance on her personal life, particularly concerning her relationships. While her current relationship status is undisclosed to the public, there are hints that she is involved with a noteworthy individual. Her commitment to keeping her personal life away from the spotlight allows her to focus on her creative pursuits without unnecessary distractions.

Net Worth

As Jesimiel Damina continues to make a mark in the world of film and creativity, her net worth is steadily on the rise. Though still in the early stages of her career, with aspirations of making impactful contributions to the entertainment industry, her estimated net worth stands at around $50,000. You can connect with her on Instagram.