Chief Imo Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Chief Imo – Acting

Stage Name: Chief Imo
Real Name: Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anokwute
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: 19th May, 1979 (45 years old)
State of Origin: Imo State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Mrs. Anokwute
Known for: Actor

Early Life and Family

Chief Imo, born Longinus Anyaehiechukwu Anokwute, entered the world on May 19, 1979, in Nigeria. Hailing from Umuduru, Ekwe, Isu Local Government Area of Imo State, he was raised by his mother and elder sister. Being the second child among six siblings (four boys and two girls), Chief Imo embraced his Igbo heritage and grew up in a Christian household.

Chief Imo Education

For his primary education, Chief Imo attended Ekwe Central Primary School and later Army School in Gombe State. His secondary education journey took him to Ekwe Secondary School, Gantu Secondary School in Gombe, and All Saints Secondary School, Gombe. Financial constraints interrupted his studies at Ekwe Secondary School, but he overcame challenges, eventually completing both junior and senior secondary education.

While information on his university education remains elusive, Chief Imo exhibits fluency in English, Igbo, and Hausa languages.

Chief Imo Career Beginnings

Chief Imo embarked on his entertainment career in Nollywood in 2000, where he initially engaged in drama groups, comedy, and stage performances. Over the past two decades, he has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian movie industry, contributing to over 100 films as both an actor and filmmaker.

Chief Imo’s Movie Success

Chief Imo’s breakthrough came with a film that not only sold rapidly but also garnered attention for its use of the Igbo language. Despite facing initial challenges when trying to sell his productions, his persistence paid off when one of his movies aired on African Magic, a popular home video channel, catapulting him into the limelight.

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Relationship with Sister Maggi

Chief Imo’s comedic talent often shines alongside Uche Eduzor, known as Sister Maggi. While their on-screen chemistry suggests a marital relationship, it’s important to clarify that Chief Imo and Sister Maggi are not legally married in real life. Their entertaining portrayal of a married couple in comedic skits has led to rumors, but Chief Imo himself dispelled them in interviews.

Family Life

Contrary to the on-screen speculation, Chief Imo is happily married to Mrs. Anokwute, his legally wedded wife. The couple has three children and has remained together for several years. Chief Imo has affirmed that Sister Maggi is his comedy-skit wife, emphasizing the distinction between his fictional and real-life relationships.

Chief Imo’s Net Worth

Chief Imo’s multifaceted career as a movie actor, filmmaker, media personality, entrepreneur, and YouTuber has contributed to his impressive net worth, estimated at $300,000 His journey in the entertainment industry has not only brought him fame but also financial success, solidifying his status as a notable figure in Nollywood. You can connect with him on Instagram.