Gordons Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth


Stage Name: Gordons
Real Name: Godwin Komone
Occupation: Comedian
Date Of Birth/Age: 4th April, 1979 (45 years old)
State of Origin: Delta State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
Education: Delta State University
Known for: Comedy

Godwin Komone, widely recognized by his stage name Gordons, is a multifaceted Nigerian entertainer, acclaimed for his prowess in comedy, music, and acting. As the host of the popular comedy series “Comedy Clinic,” Gordons has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape, captivating audiences with his unique blend of humor and talent.

Early Life

Gordons hails from the vibrant city of Warri in Delta State, Nigeria. His early life was marked by a significant family event, as his parents separated when he was merely three months old. Raised by his grandmother, Gordons navigated his formative years amidst the challenges of a broken family. Despite the separation, both of his parents eventually remarried, shaping the complex tapestry of his upbringing.

Education and Career Beginnings

A graduate of Delta State University, Gordons pursued a degree in Integrated Science, laying the foundation for his academic journey. His musical inclinations initially found expression in the choir of the World of Life Bible Church, setting the stage for a multifaceted career. As part of the music group DC Envoys, Gordons showcased his musical talents before transitioning into the world of comedy in 2005.

The vibrant atmosphere of Lagos beckoned him, and Gordons seized the opportunity to explore the burgeoning comedy scene. His comedic journey gained momentum, and he quickly became a prominent figure, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Debt Controversy

In 2016, Gordons found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding a debt allegation. The Chairman of The Bank club in Abuja, Kehinde Adegbite, popularly known as Mallam Yankee, accused Gordons of owing a substantial sum of 400,000 naira. The public scrutiny intensified, casting a shadow on the comedian’s reputation. However, Gordons swiftly addressed the issue, clarifying that the dispute had been amicably resolved between the concerned parties. This incident served as a testament to Gordons’ resilience and ability to navigate challenges in both his personal and professional life.

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Wife and Kids

Beyond the spotlight, Gordons embraces the role of a devoted family man. Currently married, he shares his life with a wife he met during their time at Delta State University. Their connection, rooted in shared experiences, blossomed into a lasting partnership. The union has been blessed with the laughter and joy of five children, adding a profound layer to Gordons’ multifaceted identity.

Net Worth

Gordons, the talented Nigerian comedian, musician, and actor, has amassed an impressive net worth exceeding 650,000 dollars. Through his successful career in entertainment, Gordons has not only brought joy and laughter to countless audiences but has also achieved financial success. You can connect with him on Instagram.