Kayode Biography: Age, Wife, Children & Net Worth

Kayode – Live Forever

Stage Name: Kayode
Real Name: Oluwakayode Oyetoro
Occupation: Musician
Date Of Birth/Age: 1999 (25 years old)
State of Origin: Ogun State
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Not Married
Education: University of Lagos
Known for: Live Forever

Kayode, whose real name is Oluwakayode Oyetoro, is a talented Nigerian singer making waves in the music industry. Born in 1999 in Abeokuta, the capital city of Ogun State, Nigeria, Kay Kay has captivated audiences with his unique sound and infectious energy. He is not only pursuing his passion for music but is also navigating the academic realm as a student at the University of Lagos, where he is studying Political Science.

Early Life and Education

Kay Kay spent his formative years in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he completed his primary, secondary, and high school education. Growing up surrounded by the vibrant culture of Lagos, he developed a deep appreciation for music from an early age. His love for the art form became evident when, at the tender age of 12, he started making music and honed his skills in playing the piano and guitar.

Music Career Beginnings

Kay Kay’s journey into the music scene began three years ago, and he quickly gained recognition with the release of his hit single, “Live Forever.” The track showcased not only his vocal prowess but also his versatility in musical styles, seamlessly blending Afropop and Drill influences. Inspired by artists like Lil Wayne, Kay Kay refuses to confine himself to a specific genre, expressing himself through various musical styles based on his emotions and experiences.

Creation of “Live Forever”

The genesis of “Live Forever” occurred during a night out, as Kayode found inspiration while clubbing and driving on the iconic Third Mainland Bridge. The pulsating beats and catchy lyrics of the song resonated with listeners, propelling Kay Kay into the spotlight. The single’s success can be attributed not only to its infectious sound but also to the genuine passion and creativity that Kayode injects into his music.

Collaboration and The Kay Gang

Kay Kay is not navigating his musical journey alone; he is part of a dynamic group called The Kay Gang. Comprising close friends who share the same passion for music, this collective supports each other’s endeavors, fostering a collaborative and uplifting environment. The synergy within The Kay Gang amplifies Kay Kay’s creative process and contributes to the success of his musical ventures.

Future Aspirations and Collaborations

Looking ahead, Kayode has ambitious plans for his musical career. He harbors dreams of collaborating with industry giants such as Burna Boy and Wizkid, envisioning a future where his music reaches new heights and resonates with a global audience. Eager to connect with his fans on a deeper level, he is set to release more music, promising a continuation of the captivating journey he began with “Live Forever.”

Wife and Kids

He is currently single and his dating life is kept secret.

Net Worth and Achievements

As a testament to his rising success, Kayode has amassed a net worth estimated to be in the range of $50,000 to $100,000. His earnings predominantly come from his performances on stage and his contributions to the vibrant Nigerian music industry. This financial success is not only a reflection of his talent but also a testament to the hard work and dedication Kayode invests in his craft. You can find him on Instagram.