Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche Biography: Age, Husband, Children, & Church

Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche – Dunamis International Gospel Centre Worldwide

Stage Name: Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche
Real Name: Dr. Becky Enenche
Occupation: Pastor, Medical Practitioner 
Date Of Birth/Age: 23rd October, 1970 (53 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Ikachi, Oju Local Government, Benue Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Paul Enenche (Husband)
Education: University of Jos
Known for: Dunamis International Gospel Centre Worldwide

Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche, born on October 23rd, 1970, is a multifaceted and fervent preacher of the gospel, Christian author, televangelist, music minister, and educationist. She is the wife of the esteemed Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche, the founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Worldwide, headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. The ministry boasts millions of worshippers across the globe, reflecting the immense impact of their work.

Raised in a family with a background in academia, her father being a retired medical doctor and a professor of Human Physiology, and her mother a retired university administrator, Pastor Becky values simplicity and natural beauty. She believes that the best version of oneself shines through in a natural and modest appearance, cautioning against the use of harmful skin-altering products.

Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor Becky Enenche

Career/ Ministry  

With a background as a trained medical doctor, Dr. Becky Enenche has been graced with a profound release of God’s word and the anointing to heal the sick, help the oppressed, and minister to the depressed. Her compassionate heart extends to young people, and she plays the vital role of a mentor to young women who lack motherly figures in their lives. In collaboration with her husband, she actively supports the ministry and contributes to raising Godly children.

As a music minister and inspirational songwriter, Pastor Becky’s ministry has touched countless lives, leading them closer to God. She also plays a crucial role in the publication of the monthly daily devotional, “Seeds of Destiny,” designed to strengthen the Christian faith. Additionally, she is actively involved in the administration of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, including overseeing Destiny Academy and Destiny College owned by the church.

Pastor Becky Enenche

Pastor Becky Enenche’s ministry has been influenced by various esteemed figures, including Pastor Mrs. Faith Oyedepo, who serves as her mentor and mother in the faith, as well as other renowned personalities like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Arch-Bishop Benson and Margaret Idahosa, Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, Kenneth Hagin, and Pastor E. A. Adeboye.

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Husband and CHildren

Dr. Becky Enenche’s journey began with her graduation from the University of Jos Medical School in 1992. She and Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche have enjoyed a blissful union of purpose for 25 years, bringing their dedication and love for God into their personal and ministerial lives.

Pastor Paul Enenche familly
Pastor Paul Enenche familly

Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche Programs

One of the impactful monthly meetings organized by Dr. Becky is called “Marital Success Strategies For Enriching Sisters” (MASSES). Through this gathering, she addresses the challenges that women often encounter, recognizing that their well-being significantly influences their spiritual growth. The focus of MASSES is to equip women to succeed in their relationships with others, including their husbands or fiancées, fostering a strong connection with God that leads to eternal fulfillment.

Another transformative meeting organized by Dr. Becky Enenche is the “Relationship Strategic Success Secrets” (RSSS) gathering, designed for women and young ladies. This has brought healing, meaning, and direction to numerous homes, families, marriages, and women. Additionally, she exhibits a strong passion for the deliverance of women from prostitution, leading to the redemption, rehabilitation, and establishment of commercial sex workers in legitimate trades, as well as a closer relationship with God.

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Books Authored

Dr. Becky Enenche is a prolific author, and her written works have had a profound impact on the lives of many. Some of her noteworthy books include:

  1. “The Alabaster Box”
  2. “Protocol of the Ark”
  3. “14 Secrets Plus One to a Beautiful Marriage”
  4. “In-laws, In-loves, and Outlaws”
  5. “Are You Bitter?”

Through her insightful and inspiring books, Dr. Becky shares wisdom, guidance, and biblical principles that lead to personal transformation and growth. Her writings cover a wide range of topics, including relationships, marriage, emotional healing, and spiritual development, making her a respected figure in the realm of Christian literature.

Through her multifaceted ministry, Pastor Dr. Becky Enenche continues to impact lives with the message of God’s love, bringing healing, hope, and transformation to individuals and communities worldwide. Her dedication to God’s work, alongside her husband, has made them influential leaders in the Christian community.