Pastor Eno Jerry Biography, Age, Children, & Husband

Pastor Eno Jerry Eze – Streams of Joy International Pastor

Stage Name: Pastor Eno Jerry
Real Name: Eno Jerry Eze
Occupation: Pastor, Entrepreneur 
Date Of Birth/Age: 22nd February 1983 (40 Years Old)
Place of Birth: Calabar in Cross River State
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Eze Jerry (Husband)
Education: Abia State University
Known for: Streams of Joy International


Born on February 22, 1983, Pastor Eno Jerry hails from Calabar in Cross River State. She is the Resident Pastor of the Refreshing Point, a vibrant branch of Streams of Joy International Church dedicated to young people and singles. Beyond her pastoral duties, she also serves as the conference convener for the Pastors’ Wives and Women in Ministry Conference, a significant gathering that empowers and fosters fellowship among women in pastoral vocations.

Pastor Eno Jerry Eze Biography
Pastor Eno Jerry Eze

Pastor Eno Jerry Ministry

Pastor Eno Jerry Eze actively collaborates with her husband in their ministry endeavors. Their shared passion and dedication to spreading the message of faith and hope have resulted in a profound impact on the lives of those they touch through their work.

As they continue to serve together as a dynamic duo, Pastor Eno Jerry Eze remains a guiding light, inspiring and empowering both young people and women in ministry. Her unwavering commitment to uplifting others and her profound influence within the church community have made her an invaluable asset to the congregation and the broader religious community.

Pastor Eno Jerry Education / Career 

Pastor Eno Ebele Ene-Obong, affectionately known as Lady E among members of Streams of Joy International, is a distinguished Human Resource Manager, Consultant, and an accomplished author. She currently holds the esteemed positions of Lead Consultant, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer at Jeno Consulting, a prominent Human Resource company.

Her academic journey began with a remarkable achievement, as she earned an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the prestigious Entrepreneurship Institute Australia in 2008. Fueling her passion for knowledge and growth, Lady E then pursued further studies at the University of Greenwich in London, where she obtained a Masters’s degree in International Human Resource Management.

Pastor Eno Jerry Eze Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband, Books, Wedding Pictures, Marriage, Children
Pastor Eno Jerry – Healing Streams International

Pastor Eno Jerry’s professional experience reflects her commitment to excellence and versatility. Her career began as a Sales Representative at Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited, followed by a role as an Editorial Officer at the National Root Crop Research Institute. Demonstrating her ability to adapt to diverse work environments, she served as a Facilities Supervisor at South Greenwich Care Limited and an Administrator at Moorsfield Eye Hospital London.

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Between January 2009 and October 2011, Pastor Eno Jerry further honed her expertise as a Human Resource Advisor at Choice Support. Subsequently, she took on the challenging position of Organization Development Coordinator at Century Energy Services in Lagos, Nigeria, showcasing her prowess in talent development and organizational effectiveness. This role lasted until December 2013, when she transitioned to Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc in Calabar, assuming the role of Human Resource Business Partner and making significant contributions to the company’s HR strategies.

Pastor Eno Jerry Eze
Pastor Eno Jerry Biography


Her dedication to her field led her to become an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (ACIPM), further solidifying her position as a reputable professional in the HR industry. Recognizing her wealth of knowledge and experience, she was invited to serve as a lecturer in the Department of Human Resource Management at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture in Umudike, Umuahia, Abia State, where she continues to impart her wisdom to the next generation of HR professionals.

Pastor Eno Jerry Book

Apart from her outstanding career accomplishments, Pastor Eno Jerry is an accomplished author. Her book “I Almost Ruined My Marriage” stands as a testament to her transparency and determination. In this candid account of her personal journey in marriage alongside Pastor Jerry Eze, she courageously highlights the challenges they faced in the early years, serving as an inspiration to many who seek to navigate the complexities of married life.

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Pastor Eno Jerry Marriage/ Husband & Children

Pastor Eno Jerry is married to Pastor Jerry Eze. She shares a beautiful life with her husband, Pastor Jerry Eze, and together, they are blessed with a lovely daughter named Samara and a son named Jerry. Their marriage is a source of great joy and fulfillment, and they journey together, united in their love and faith.

According to Pastor Eno Jerry Eze, she met her husband in her 300 Level at the University. He held the position of pastor at All Saints Chapel of Redemption on campus, and his reputation for exceptional preaching skills made him a prominent figure among students. She admired him from a distance, captivated by his charisma and dedication.

A turning point came on the 15th of November 2002 when a relationship program was held in her fellowship. Filled with hope and faith, she sowed a seed for her future marriage and prayed fervently that night, seeking divine guidance for her heart’s desires.

Streams of joy international pastor Jerry Eze and wife

Surprisingly, the very next day, on the 16th of November 2002, her husband approached her with an unexpected revelation. He shared that he had received a message from God, instructing him to meet her and reveal that he was meant to be her husband. The revelation left her stunned, and it took some time for her to process the weight of such a declaration.

From that moment on, their journey together began with a clear vision of marriage ahead. They didn’t rush into anything; instead, they took their time to build a strong foundation, getting to know each other deeply and nurturing their connection. Over the course of five years, their courtship flourished, and their love grew stronger with every passing day.

Pastor Eno Jerry Eze Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband, Books, Wedding Pictures, Marriage, Children
Pastor Eno Jerry and Pastor Jerry Eze

Finally, on a momentous day, they stood before each other and exchanged heartfelt vows, sealing their commitment to a lifetime of love and companionship. This is just a glimpse of their enchanting love story, one that was guided by faith, patience, and the belief that destiny had brought them together.

As they reflect on their journey, they recognize that their meeting was more than mere coincidence; it was a beautiful symphony of divine intervention and love, bringing them together for a purpose greater than they could have ever imagined. Embracing the joys of their shared dreams, they walk hand in hand, grateful for the extraordinary path that led them to each other.


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Pastor Eno Jerry – Social Life

Beyond her professional endeavors, Pastor Eno Jerry is actively engaged in social media, using various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to connect with a wider audience and share her valuable insights and experiences with others.

Through her multifaceted career, dedication to learning, and commitment to uplifting others, Pastor Eno Jerry continues to leave a lasting impact in the field of Human Resources and beyond. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, reminding us of the power of determination, resilience, and faith in achieving success and making a positive difference in the lives of others.