Tope Alabi Biography: Age, Husband, Children & Net Worth

Tope Alabi – Gospel Artist

Stage Name: Tope Alabi
Real Name: Evangelist Patricia Temitope Alabi
Occupation: Gospel Artist, Actor & Evangelist 
Date Of Birth/Age: 27th October, 1970 (53 years old)
Place of Birth: Lagos state
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Soji Alabi (Husband)
Education: Polytechnic Ibadan
Known for: Ore ti O Common

Evangelist Patricia Temitope Alabi, a renowned figure in the Nigerian Gospel music industry, was born on the 27th of October in the year 1970, in Lagos state. However, her roots trace back to Yewa, Imeko, in Ogun state.


Tope Alabi’s educational background includes her elementary and secondary education at Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Ibadan, where she obtained her WAEC certificate in 1986. She later pursued a degree in Mass Communication at the Polytechnic Ibadan, graduating in 1990.

Music & Acting Career

Tope Alabi is not only a gospel singer but also a film music composer and actress. Her journey into the world of music can be traced back to her mother’s fondness for singing, even though her mother was not a professional singer or a member of any choir. Tope recalls that her mother once aspired for her to become a reverend sister due to a vision she had about her daughter being chosen by God. However, Tope’s path became clear when she received messages from God in her dreams, guiding her to pursue a career in singing.

Before dedicating herself to gospel music, Tope Alabi was a member of the Jester International comedy group. Later, she worked with other prominent traveling and stage theater groups in Ibadan and Lagos. However, her life took a spiritual turn when she became a born-again Christian.

Tope Alabi, Husband and Pastor Oyedepo
Tope Alabi, Husband and Bishop Oyedepo

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Entertainment Industry

Her journey in the entertainment industry began with her involvement in the “Jester International” group in Ibadan between 1982 and 1984. This group provided her with initial training and experience in drama. From 1990 to 1991, she worked as a correspondent for the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Ibadan under the guidance of Mr. Yanju Adegbite. Additionally, she worked with Center-Spread Advertising Limited in Ilupeju, Lagos.

Tope Alabi returned to the theater arts profession in 1994 when she joined the esteemed “Alade Aromire Theatre group.” It was during this time that she realized her gifted talents in acting and singing. This group served as a training ground that exposed her to various aspects of drama and acting. She actively participated in movie productions, stage dramas, and soundtrack creation, an experience she remains forever grateful for.

Tope Alabi
Tope Alabi

Throughout her career, Tope Alabi has been invited by numerous writers, producers, and directors in the Yoruba movie industry to write and perform soundtracks for their various films. She is recognized as the pioneer of soundtracks in the Yoruba Home Video Industry.


Tope Alabi’s gospel music has been resonating for over a decade, and she is celebrated as one of Nigeria’s gospel music icons. Her versatility is evident as she seamlessly blends modern and traditional beats in her songs.

Over the years, Tope Alabi has released numerous albums, starting with her debut album in 2001, titled “Ore ti O Common.” She followed this with “Agbara Re Ni” in 2005 and has continued to create music that touches the hearts of many. She keeps a pen and notepad handy, as she often receives divine inspiration for new songs.

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Husband and Kids

Tope Alabi and Husband
Tope Alabi and Husband

Tope Alabi’s personal life is equally inspiring. She is happily married to Soji Alabi, with whom she shares a remarkable love story. Soji, a studio engineer in Lagos, had the opportunity to produce some movie soundtracks for Tope in 1994, and their connection grew into a deep romantic relationship. Four years later, in 1998, Soji proposed to Tope, and they have been together ever since.

Their marriage has been harmonious, not only in love but also in business. They have successfully navigated business ventures without any major disputes, showcasing their strong understanding of both business and family life. The union has been blessed with two children, Minister Mary Ayomiku Alabi and Deborah Alabi.

Net Worth

She is estimated to be worth about $1 million. You can connect with her on Instagram.